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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Text Frontier - Text mining, voice mining and unstructured data analysis

Terminology Matters in Text Analytics

The Text Frontier - Text mining, voice mining and unstructured data analysis

Sunday, December 12, 2010

blogging the free press

Sunday Detroit Free Press used to be so big. Now we read it on the internet
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pam Perry PR Coach view from the Top

Amazing what a mobile phone can do! This is an Android. Audio Swap on YOUTUBE.

How to Overcome Fear of Flying Permanently

Fear of flying or Aerophobia is a condition that can cause serious effects both physically and emotionally to any one. This is one of the most common phobias people should be aware of. Being scared to ride an airplane is not a simple problem. In most cases, this fear is a result of underlying conditions that needs to be treated. If you have Aerophobia, here are some things you have to know about how to overcome fear of flying.

Learn the Symptoms
This fear can manifest in numerous ways. To find the best treatment for your condition, you must know the common symptoms you may feel when experiencing an anxiety attack because of the object of your fear. The symptoms you will experience may vary. Sometimes you will experience a symptom you did not experience from your previous episode.
An anxiety attack that stems from phobia may have the following symptoms.
- Stomachache or that butterfly feeling in your stomach.
- headache
- Dizziness
- Nausea
- Sweaty hands
- Difficulty breathing
- Restlessness
An episode can happen anytime and anywhere especially if exposure to the object of fear is imminent. Sometimes, people even experience a panic attack just by thinking of their fears.

How to Overcome Fear of Flying
There are many tips about how to overcome phobias. Some of these tips are to take sedatives before your flight and drink relaxing drinks like champagne during the flight. While these methods may work to relieve your fears, these are just temporary methods of getting rid of your phobia. You will be still be afraid of flying.
If you never want to experience a panic attack because of your phobia again, you have to find a treatment that will help you permanently get rid of your fear. There are numerous options you can take to win over this condition.

Medication therapy works best with psychotherapy but these therapies are effective on their own. With medication therapy, your doctor would prescribe drugs that can help lessen the frequency of your attacks. Psychotherapy works best for phobias as in this type of treatment, you are presented with several things you can actually do to not be scared anymore. Exposure therapy is a technique used to help you conquer your phobia. In this method, you will gradually be exposed to your phobia in controlled situations until you are not scared anymore. You will learn how to overcome fear of flying by braving the object of your phobia.

Flying is one of the most convenient way to travel. Do not miss on the opportunity to experience this convenience just because you are scared of it. There is nothing to be scared of. Face your fear and you will see what you've been missing for a long time.

Jerry Jones has researched extensively on the cause and effect of panic attacks. And he is confident that he has found the best method to help you learn how to overcome fear of flying and let you soar again. Check out Jerry's non-biased Panic Away Review, a program which he thinks to be the solution to all your problems.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Motivation to YOUR Mobile by Derrick Hayes

Hear Derrick Hayes on the Synergy Energy show

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To Your Mobile

Get Motivation To Your Mobile Every Weekday Morning!

Wouldn't it be great to start your day by encouraging others with a positive word?

Motivation To Your Mobile is a service created to inspire you every morning Monday through Friday with an original uplifting message. One thought can inspire the genius in you to do things that before you thought were never possible.

       Click Here to Sign up for Motivation To Your Mobile. 

1.) Activate your cell phone.
2.) Select Monthly or Yearly Subscription
2.) Enter payment information. 

Once your cell phone number is activated, and you have entered your payment information you will begin receiving Motivation To Your Mobile the next business day.  You can save up to $12 a year by selecting the Yearly subscription service.

As a yearly subscriber you can also receive a listing with your name and a link to your business or organization. This is a great way to promote what you do in a positive way throughout the year.

When you receive the text in the morning it will read MTYM for Motivation To Your Mobile followed by the message of the day.
If you represent a media outlet through a newsletter, blog, ezine, radio show, TV show, or newspaper and would like to get the word out to your audience by promoting Motivation To Your Mobile please contact us to become a Publicity Partner. Each Publicity Partner will have a listing with description of what you do with a link to your website.

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote.  
Pressure makes things Happen. It busts pipes or makes diamonds

“Keep up the great work sir: Love all the great stuff on your website and the continual evolution of your efforts! You're really building out some greatness in yourself and others!”

Shannon S. Scott
Savannah, Ga

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Opportunity is calling you to come as you are.
"Derrick Hayes is disciplined. Our initial meeting began with a "Derricknym." His devotion towards "WOE" weekly is now DAILY and my day is not done until I hear a 'word of encouragement.”

 ~L.J. Holloway (Author, Health CARE Advocate, & motivational Speaker)
Washington, D.C/ Jacksonville, FL

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
When you walk in courage others are encouraged to walk with you.

"Your quotes are very inspiring and the early morning ones are the bomb. I look forward 2 them in the A.M. Thanks for all the daily inspirations. I look forward 2 them .The messages are so real until I feel like I know u personally. That just goes to show that GOD is everywhere just not in everything. Stay encouraged!"

Traleasa Turner
Houston, TX

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Talk is cheap. Action takes your words and puts money in the bank.

“Your quotes are amazing, and filled with much wisdom- "Never let GO of your GIFT!!"

Frieda Wooley
Columbus, GA

The 10 Things Motivation To Your Mobile
will inspire you to do:

1. Inspire you to think
2. Inspire you to dream
3. Inspire you to share with others
4. Inspire you to look forward to greatness
5. Inspire you to want more out of life
6. Inspire you to challenge yourself
7. Inspire you to lead
8. Inspire you to have confidence
9. Inspire you to think positive instead of negative
10. Inspire you to never forget that you can

“Your daily inspirations are so wonderful and I truly appreciate you taking the time to encourage all of us, God Bless and take care”

Alexis Gwin
Champaign, IL

"In our fast paced entrepreneurial world we all need an energy boost from time to time.  Derrick Hayes provides daily quotes to help millionaires like me stay on top of their game."

Mike Michalowicz
Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
To Your Mobile

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Having contacts are quantity, having contracts are quality.

“We all need encouragement. The Black Belt Mindset Master of Encouragement is my friend Derrick Hayes. Reading Derrick's inspirational words is an investment that returns huge dividends for me every day!”

Jim Bouchard
Speaker, media personality and author of Think Like a Black Belt

Brunswick, ME

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
GO. Get Optimistic that you will GO. Get Opportunities.

“Derrick Hayes is never stops caring with his positive and enriching wordplay messages. His words encourage and inspire, uplift and edify every person who reads them. He is a treasure, and he treasures others with his talent."

Elaine Clayton, Author and Illustrator

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Plan your life or have it planned for you.  

“I look forward to reading Derrick's quotes. His insightful use of every day words as an acronym for positive messages are an inspiration to me every day.”

Rich London, Author of A Handbook for Life
Charlotte, NC

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Having contacts are quantity, having contracts are quality.

“Divine Inspiration and motivation meets me at the right time and the right place...I'm thankful and it is such a blessing to have privy to Derrick Hayes' Daily messages...”

Natalie Mesidor

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
When your MESS comes of AGE it becomes a MESSAGE

“Derrick's daily message has a way of providing necessary motivation and inspiration to everyday life challenges. I can't tell you how many occasions the messages have appeared to speak directly to my personal situation. This is indeed a divine gift that Derrick possesses. An ability to speak to the masses in a way that's timely, original and heart inspired makes Derrick the premier voice and life coach of our generation.”

Vincent Davis

"Derrick is an insightful and thoughtful individual and the quotes he shares are truly an extension of the platform in which he stands. They are impactful and profound and force the reader to take an introspective look at not only themselves but how they can leave a positive impression on others."

Audley Stephenson
Hard Court Lessons
Toronto, Canada

“Derrick Hayes is not only brilliant and creative in his masterful use of language, but his spirit also speaks volumes beyond the words. In our initial encounter, he created something for me out of a sheer passion for sharing his gift with no particular interest in business and since that time, I've become particularly more interested in his business......”

C.O.C.O. Brown,

To Your Mobile

100 Top Mobile Media Applications

Are you looking for a list of the top mobile media applications? Then you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a list of the top 100 mobile media applications divided into 11 different categories.
As mentioned in the book I co-authored called How to Make Money with Social Media, the next big thing is mobile media. If you’re interested in connecting with customers, differentiating your brand, distributing coupons inexpensively or any of the other uses for mobile media, then you’ll want to take a spin through the list below and download the applications that are most relevant to your business.
Mobile Media
Looking for a list of 100 top mobile media applications? You've come to the right place.
Special thanks go out to Nicole Hall at Mobilize Worldwide, Matt Luber at Emory University and Sylvia Driver at BKV Digital and Direct Response, all of whom helped research and organize the list.
Top 100 Mobile Media Applications for Business

Social Applications
Bump:  This is a terrific application that allows you to exchange contact information, photos, social networking information and calendar events just by “bumping” your phone with another Bump user.
eBuddy:  Have friends on MSN, AIM, Facebook, MySpace and more?  eBuddy lets you chat with all of them on one integrated platform.
Facebook: You can update your Facebook page on the fly with their mobile version.  You can even update your Facebook Places profile, which lets people know where you’re eating, drinking, relaxing or just hanging out.
Foursquare: Ready to “check-in” to your favorite restaurant, bar, mall or retail store?  If you do it enough, you’ll become Mayor or be eligible for discount coupons.
Gowalla:  Much like Foursquare, Gowalla allows you to share your location with friends, all the while accumulating digital souvenirs that may be redeemable for real life rewards.
Hipstamatic:  This app, available on iPhone and Droid, allows you to take cool pictures with different lenses, flashes and films to achieve a unique look.  You can then share your photos with people on Facebook and Flickr or enter your photos into the Hipstamatic photo contest.
Hootsuite: Using HootSuite, you can manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts within an elegant, clean user interface.  HootSuite stands out from other social network managers for its extra features:  You can schedule updates, set columns to monitor keywords and hash tags, and translate updates in other languages                  .
iTookThisOnMyPhone:  One-stop shop for uploading your pictures and video to photo sharing sites, including Facebook.  All of your albums are hosted for free on the iTookThisOnMyPhone Website.
LinkedIn: Ready to exchange LinkedIn contacts just by bumping your phone?  Or perhaps you want read someone’s profile while you’re waiting for them at a restaurant.  If that sounds enticing, then this application is for you.
Loopt: Allows you to connect with your friends by sharing your location and status with friends.  With Loopt, you can find your friends on a map and view their photo and status updates in real-time.
Mass Text Message:  Text up to ten friends with just one click by downloading the Mass Text Message app and creating custom groups of contacts.
Photobucket: The Photobucket application lets you upload photos and videos from your Windows Phone handset to your Photobucket account.
Skout:  This mobile dating site enables your cell phone’s GPS to find profiles of other uses near you.  You can browse profiles and even use the site’s chat feature through your mobile phone.
Skype:  Verizon Wireless users can now use Skype through their phones with free Skype-to-Skype calling and IM without using their mobile minutes.  Users with other carriers can get a Skype To Go number that they can reach from any mobile phone.
Twitter: You don’t have to be sitting behind a desk to update your Twitter status.  The mobile version lets you stay connected wherever you are.
WordPress, TypePad or Drupal Blogging Platforms: Interested in writing a blog from your hammock, your sailboat or your private island?  You can do it with these mobile apps.  (But first you have to buy a hammock, a sailboat or a private island.)
Yelp:  This application can give you restaurant reviews on the fly.  Better still, their augmented reality mobile application lets you look through your mobile screen and places tags with reviews over the restaurants on that street.

News and Information Applications
ABC News Mobile:  This application is for all those who love to be in the know.  You can receive text alerts about breaking news, watch video, listen to podcasts or read articles all on your mobile phone.
AccuWeather:  Downloading the Accuweather app allows you to view your two-day forecast based on your GPS coordinates.
AP Mobile: The Associated Press mobile app helps you keep up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere, in your hometown and across the globe.  AP Mobile offers the world’s news at your fingertips.  Personalize your news to meet your needs.  You can select local news from your trusted local newspapers and broadcasters.
ArseBlog:  Crazy about the Arsenal Football Club?  You can now read the internationally popular soccer blog on your phone.
At Bat:  Created by the MLB, At Bat offers one free live streaming game per day, game schedules and highlights, breaking news, and background audio playback so you can listen to the game while using your phone for other things.
Caffeine Finder:  The name says it all.  Perfect for people who need their daily (or hourly) fix.
ESPN Mobile:  Recently named Mobile Marketer’s mobile publisher of the year, ESPN’s offering of mobile media applications has something for every sports fan including games, articles and live TV.
Fast Food Finder: Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app called “Healthy Food Finder”?  Until then, there’s Fast Food Finder.
Google Books: Interested in re-reading the Declaration of Independence or Dante’s Inferno?  Download Google Books to your smartphone and you’re ready to roll.  I’m reading Ben Franklin’s Autobiography on Google Books right now and it’s fascinating.
Google Maps: What would men do without Google Maps?  They’d have to ask for directions, which, of course, will never happen.  Fortunately, Google invented their Map app for guys (like myself) who are too stubborn to stop and ask directions.
The Huffington Post:  The mobile version of this popular news and opinion online newspaper features breaking news, blogs and original content.
iHound:  This application enables the GPS and WiFi on your iPhone or Android so that you know the location of your device at all times.  You can find a lost phone by sounding an alarm or opt-in to automatically check in at locations on Facebook and Foursquare.
Kindle: You can use your smartphone to preview books that you might like to buy later.  Clean and customizable, the app permits you to preview the first chapter, as well as to add bookmarks, notes, and highlights.
Layar Reality Browser: The Layar Reality Browser is an AR (augmented reality) app that overlays information about such subjects as restaurants, public transit options, and apartment-search information on the view from your smartphone’s camera.  You can even see the tweets from people posting to Twitter within your camera’s field of view.
MobiTV:  Missing your favorite TV shows is no longer an issue.  With MobiTV you can watch shows whenever and wherever on your mobile phone.
NPR News: Even if you can’t catch all of the news from NPR at home or in the car, you can still start your day with NPR News for your smartphone.  You can listen to national news stories on demand, or allow the app to use your smartphone’s GPS to pinpoint local content.
Pandora: Are you a music lover?  Then you’re probably already familiar with Pandora.  Pandora allows you to create your own radio station based on your specific tastes.  Check out the Liberace Channel!  (Kidding).
Planets:  Essential for any aspiring astronomer, this app is a 3D guide to the solar system featuring constellations, moon phases, and sun rise and sun set times.
Qik:  A new, faster way to share videos with all of your friends, Qik allows you to record and instantly upload videos to the internet or stream live video straight from your phone.  You can also 2-way video chat or send  video mail. The application lets you access over 4 million real estate listings and helps you find local listings based upon your location.  You can view pricing information, property details, multiple photos and more for each listing.
RunPee:  Have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie?  Check RunPee to find the best time to go without missing any of the good parts.
Stitcher: This mobile application lets you get your news on the go by streaming up-to-date audio content about business, sports, politics and entertainment.
Viigo: This application allows you to check on news, weather, sports, entertainment and other stories you’re interested in.
Weatherbug: The location-aware WeatherBug app has detailed weather forecasts, radar maps, temperature maps, satellite views, and a cool sliding interface.  You can configure it to appear as a home-screen widget, too.
The Weather Channel:  The Weather Channel’s app and the mobile version of provide up to date weather information, text alerts, animated maps and more.
Windows Live Messenger:  You can chat with your friends on Windows Live Messenger on the go with their mobile application.

Angry Birds:  This addictive game, where you get revenge on the green pigs who stole the bird’s eggs, has reached the #1 spot for paid apps in over 60 countries.
Brain Trainer:  Playing one or more of this apps 7 different “brain games” for just minutes a day can help increase your mental abilities and memory.
Doodle Jump:  Guide Doodle the Doodler up a piece of graph paper using tilt controls, pick up jet packs, avoid black holes and blast opponents using nose balls.
FaceFighter:  In this game, you can take photos of your friends, put them on cartoon bodies and then link your phones to fight head to head for bragging rights.
MyTown: 3.3 million people are competing to unlock rewards, level-up and earn cash to buy their favorite real-life stores and hangouts in this location-based social game.
Pac-Man:  Take the old school arcade game with you on the go.
Paper Toss:  The object of this simple but addictive game is to toss a crumpled up piece of paper into a small trash can.
Tap Tap Revenge:  Similar to Guitar Hero, this game tests your rhythm as you tap out beats and shake left and right as the arrows fall.
Words with Friends: This crossword game allows you to match wits with your friends or one of the millions of people in the Words with Friends community.

Britain’s Got Talent App:  This popular app allows fans of the show to view video, backstage footage, gossip and photo galleries.  It also features an X buzzer so you can X your friends when necessary.
Fandango:  This movie-lover essential allows you to search movie show times, buy tickets and watch trailers.
Happy Hours: Displays the best food and drink deals going on near you at any time each day.  You can filter results in a number of ways including by day, time, location, type of cuisine and special features like free wi-fi and outdoor seating.
Magic 8 Ball:  Can’t make a decision?  Download the Magic 8 Ball app and all of your answers will just be a few shakes away.
Onion News Network: The Onion News Network app keeps you connected by giving you access to the Onion archives and delivering all Onion videos to your smartphone.
RunKeeper:  You can track your workouts in a fun, easy to understand way with RunKeeper and then share them with friends.
Shazam: Often find yourself wondering what song is playing right now?  Shazam not only identifies the song, it also allows you to purchase it straight from your phone.
Wikihood: Wikihood blows away many traditional travel guides by organizing and displaying all of the Wikipedia information for any place in the world.
YouTube:  You can now check out the latest YouTube craze straight from your mobile phone.  You can search for and watch videos or record and upload your own videos.

Amazon Remembers: If you’re at a trade show or in a meeting and someone mentions a great new business book, wouldn’t it be great to order it right at that moment?  With Amazon’s free mobile phone app, you can order it on the fly.  (Shameless plug:  If you’re on Amazon looking for books on social media, check out my new book called, How to Make Money with Social Media).
eBay:  No need to lose a bidding war because you’re on the go.  With eBay mobile you can search, buy, pay and check the status of your eBay activity on your phone.
Scoutmob:  This website allows you to get coupons for local stores and restaurants sent to your phone that you can redeem by simply showing the cashier the text message.
Shopkick:  This app allows you to collect Kickbucks for simply walking into stores or scanning products in the store with your phone.  The Kickbucks can then be redeemed for cool prizes like giftcards, iPads, music downloads and more.
ShopSavvy:  You can use your phone’s camera to scan any bar code and receive a list of prices and inventory information for the same product at local stores and online retailers, ensuring you get the lowest price every time.

Mobile Browsers
Opera Mini:  The Opera mobile browser is available on a wide variety of phones, and works well on both touch screen and keypad phones for a good user experience regardless of device type.
Safari:  Safari’s mobile browser was created by Apple for the iPhone and is the only browser currently available to iPhone users, though the Skyfire browser is pending approval in the app store.

Branded Apps
Barclay’s Waterslide Extreme:  Barclaycard allows you to interact with their latest TV commercial, in which a man takes a waterslide home from work, by downloading an iPhone app where you too can take a waterslide through the city, racing to get the fastest time.
Bank Of America: Mobile banking now available from BofA.  Check balances, pay bills, transfer money and locate BofA ATMs and banking centers.
Kayak:’s branded app that lets you easily search for flights, hotels, car rentals.  Includes trip itinerary and flight tracker information.
Netflix: Part of your existing Netflix unlimited membership.  Get Netflix on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Instantly watch TV and movies streaming from Netflix.
Travelocity: The application lets you check flight and hotel information from your mobile phone.  You can check flight status, airline schedules, and Airport delay information from the FAA.  The application also grabs your GPS co-ordinates to find local hotels and lets you read reviews, check room rates, and even make a reservation from your handset.
Virtual Zippo® Lighter:  This realistic virtual lighter sways with you as you move and even reacts when you try and blow it out.  You can choose from several different lighter images or customize your own.
CamCard: Let’s you scan business cards and automatically add that information to your phone’s contact list and/or your Outlook or Gmail account.
Evernote:  After you create a text note, photo or audio note, you can synch them to your pc or to the web.
Instapaper: Through Instapaper you can save Web articles you browsed on your iPhone for later reading, using a browser bookmarklet.  The Instapaper Website reformats your saved articles (sans Flash ads and clutter) for quick reading on the desktop.
Yammer: Yammer brings together all of a company’s employees inside a private, secure enterprise social network.  This enterprise platform lets businesses set up a Twitter-like service allowing for the open exchange of ideas, links, and documents within enterprise communities.
Financial Tools
Bloomberg Mobile: Use this app when you’re on the go to access financial news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders and laggers, price charts, market-trends analysis, customized lists of stocks, and more.
CNNMoney: With breaking business stories and complete in-depth market coverage in a customizable format, CNNMoney provides real-time reporting of financial news and analysis, as well as data and charts.
Expensify: Takes some of the hassle out of creating expense reports by allowing you to report expenses as they happen while you’re on the move.
iStockManager: For continuous access to – and control over – your TD Ameritrade account, use iStockManager.  You can get equity and option trading, streaming data, real-time balances and positions, news, and more on your mobile device.
XE Currency: Convert the currencies of more than 180 countries at up-to-the-minute rates.  The app saves the last conversion just in case you may need to repeat it offline, too.

Organizers/Time Savers
1Password: To maintain your usernames and passwords on your iPhone in one place, try 1Password.  The mobile app syncs with the desktop version, as well.  If you wish, you can use it to store other personal information, too, such as your Social Security number and credit card numbers.
Barcode Scanner: Barcode Scanner handles bar codes – including 2D QR codes – and lets you look up the associated product or URL for instant price checks and comparison shopping.
Craigsphone: Search and browse Craigslist posts near your current GPS location, and bookmark relevant listings, with Craigsphone.  The app also has tools for posting your own listings with photos and maps.
PageOnce: Use PageOnce to track credit card transactions, check your bank account status, monitor frequent-flyer miles and itineraries, and get alerts when bills are due and itineraries change.
Analytics App: Full mobile service for your Google Analytics data.  You can check everything from reports to specific data, and the tidy interface makes it even easier to navigate than the web-based service.
AntiDroidTheft: If you lose your phone, AntiDroidTheft turns on remote GPS tracking so that you can determine its location.  You can also trigger the phone’s camera to shoot an image that might help you locate the handset.
AndroZip: The powerful AndroZip File Manager works with archives, including 7ZIPhone, BZIP2, GZIPhone, RAR, TAR, and ZIPhone files.  You can use it to create GZIP, TAR, or ZIPhone archives, too.  Free.
Fring: Really cool mobile app that lets you place free calls or chat with anyone from your Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Twitter, or SIP contacts.
Gas Buddy: Locates the most affordable gas station closest to your present location in both the United States and Canada.  Includes maps and a “price freshness” guide to let you know when prices were last updated.
Line2: Brings a second line to your phone (with a special number).  Calls on that line connect as free or cheap VoIP calls over a Wi-Fi or 3G data connection, but they can move to a cell network (which costs you plan minutes) when such connections are unavailable. : Adobe’s Mobile gives you an arsenal of tools to use on your Android phone.  You can crop, rotate, color-correct, or change images to black-and-white with a beautifully intuitive interface.
SmrtGuard: Can remotely track – and lock – your smartphone if it goes missing.  The Pro version lets you perform automatic wireless backup and restore.
Soonr: Need to access your PC directly from the handset?  Enter Soonr, a free mobile client that brings remote PC access to your phone:  search files, view documents, check emails, run programs and more.
Talk to Me: Originally, Talk To Me translated only English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, with its speech-to-speech functionality.  Now it has many other languages from which to choose.
Vlingo: Replaces every instance where you have to type on your smartphone with voice commands.  It covers your phone’s basic messaging functions, voice calls, Facebook updates, and personal notes.  On Android and BlackBerry, the app will even read your incoming messages to you.
Wi-Fi Analyzer: Want to find the least-crowded Wi-Fi channel?  Wifi Analyzer shows a graphical representation of Wi-Fi SSIDs’ signal strength, plus which channels are being used.
Wi-Fi Finder: A must-have for travelers, Wi-Fi Finder is a directory of paid and free Wi-Fi hotspots in over 280,000 locations in 140 countries.  You can filter results by provider or by location (restaurant, café, and so on).
Did we miss anything on our list? If so, just provide the name, description and URL of your favorite mobile phone in the comment section below. We’ll acknowledge your contribution with a link back to your site in future updates.
Posted by Jamie Turner, Chief Content Office of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine for BKV Digital and Direct Response. Jamie’s book, How to Make Money with Social Media is available in bookstores everywhere.

Here him on the Synergy Energy show with Pam Perry  

Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (And Keep Your Readers Happy)

image of iphone
Is your website content ready for mobile devices?
By the year 2013, forecasts predict that there will be 1.7 billion mobile internet users.
And it’s a pretty safe bet that at least a few of them are visiting your site, and seeing it on a screen that takes up just a few inches.
So what happens when readers feel cramped or have to work hard to navigate your site or read your content?
They leave.
Connection speed can also frustrate readers. A lot of the time, people are trying to access your site on slow cellular data connections. And despite the attempts by providers to increase capacity, it still feels “slow,” since the more they add, the more we consume.
You want both regular and new readers to have a great experience with your site, whether it’s at home on a nice large screen or while they are mobile and seeing it on a tiny device.
Brian Gardner of StudioPress summed it up pretty well when asked about mobile site design.
Many folks spend a lot of time working on the design of their site for modern browsers, but fail to realize the ever-increasing percentage of site visitors that come by way of mobile devices.

Not only is having a great site design important, you also need to prioritize usability and a quality user experience. That’s why we recommend using a plugin like WP Touch.
So how can you make sure your site is up to par for all those mobile readers out there?
Well, as luck would have it, there are some fairly easy things you can do to assure a more mobile-friendly site.
Here are some quick improvements you can make, starting today.

Install a mobile plugin

If you are using WordPress, you can transform your site into a mobile-friendly version in about 30 seconds with a simple plugin.
There are a lot of these plugins out there, but as Brian recommended, WP Touch is a great place to begin. It’s free, and you can customize it in several ways to best suit your site.
Learn more about WP Touch here.
Oh and one other thing about mobile versions of your site. Make sure you give readers the choice of viewing the standard site as well.
There are options in each plugin to do this. There are times when readers will want to view the full website, depending on their device and internet speed.
Note: before you install and activate any plugin, make sure your site has been properly backed up.

Create smart navigation

How’s your site navigation? Creating smart, thorough navigation for your website is a key aspect to making your site mobile friendly.
Make sure you offer readers clear and distinct ways to get to your most important content.
For example, do you see the red tabs along the top of this site? Those are examples of links to cornerstone content. Not only are they great ways to attract traffic, but they are perfect examples of clear navigation.

Write clear content

Now more than ever, you need to grab reader attention instantly.
When your site is being viewed on a much smaller screen, make sure you have compelling headlines that let the reader know she’s going to have a great experience reading this content.
Clear content that gets right to the point also assures readers can digest your material on their mobile devices, even while they’re distracted and busy.

Don’t use too many images

I’ve been guilty of this one. And I’ve also noticed in my analytics that when I include a lot of images in a particular article, I get less traffic reading it on mobile devices.
Lately, I have been limiting my use of images to one or two, and now my articles are getting read more by those with mobile devices.
Images are a great way to get a point across or break up text, but just try to imagine someone reading your content on a really slow connection with a tiny little screen. It might mean you don’t need that 20th image after all.
Notice that Copyblogger has, for most types of content, always had just one single, attention-getting image per post.

Don’t rely on Flash or Javascript

All arguments aside about the relevance of Flash, it is generally a safe bet that not all mobile devices will be able serve up either of these technologies.
Even if they do, it tends to be an extra step or two to actually view the content. The best practice is to stick with plain (X)HTML/CSS standards.

Practice good design

In the non-mobile web version of your site, it might be easier to get away with a few design problems that are far more visible and obvious in the mobile version.
Keep in mind the whitespace around paragraphs and words. If your content is so cramped that it makes readers physically uncomfortable, they might not hang out for very long.
Making your content scannable and breaking up long blocks of text is great for all readers, but even more so for mobile readers.
And cluttered, visually busy sites are hard enough to read on a large screen. Don’t ask mobile readers to go there!
So there are several ways you can begin making your website content more mobile friendly. Get started on a few of these and you will be way ahead of the competition.
(If you’re not sure where to start, the best payoff for the least amount of effort is probably getting a mobile plugin for WordPress like WP Touch.)
Have you recently turned your website mobile and noticed more readers? Fewer?
Share your experience with others in the comments below. And let us know your favorite tip for making your site more mobile friendly!

About the Author: Shane uses his Tablet Computer Geeks blog to deliver the latest and best iPad information, including accessory reviews, app reviews, and industry updates. Follow him on twitter at tc_geeks.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mobile phones: the ultimate fashion accessory

iPhones, Androids, 4G - those high school kids would never leave home without them on the way to Homecoming. FLIP CAMERAS were everywhere too.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Partnerships with Mobile Roadie, Seesmic, Constant Contact, Double Dutch Expand the Power of Ning Social Websites 


PALO ALTO, Calif. – Oct.  2010 – Almost every brand, person and organization has built, or is building, a web presence. The proliferation of social technology has made it critical that every one of these websites will need to be social. Today, Ning, the world’s largest platform for creating custom social websites makes that easier with the launch of Ning Everywhere. Ning’s API (Application Programming Interface) offers unparalleled control and flexibility for Network Creators and third party developers to integrate and innovate.

Now, every Ning Network can be a digital hub, integrating with leading cloud and social services like Twitter, Facebook, and Seesmic, accessible from every device, and extensible for those wanting to build custom applications.

Ning makes it easy to create highly customizable and powerful social website for musicians, fans, brands, political organizers, non-profit organizations, and more. Ning Everywhere is the latest evolution in social platform development, and offers even stronger ways to integrate and extend your Ning social website.
“Consumers have changed their expectations on how and where they will consume social,” said Jason Rosenthal, CEO, Ning. “Ning Everywhere gives our customers new and deeper ways to customize their Ning social experience and make it accessible on any device.”

Ning Everywhere offers three new ways to unleash the power of the community:
  • Mobile Application Creation: Partnerships with several mobile application creation platforms make it quick and easy to create branded mobile apps for Ning Networks.
    • Premium: Mobile Roadie and Double Dutch provide a simple way for Network Creators to build sophisticated, professional looking mobile apps for Ning communities.
    • Do it Yourself: AppMakr and Double Dutch offer cost-effective ways for Ning Network Creators to build their own mobile applications.
  • Ning Extensions: With Ning Extensions, the best of the web – and the best of Ning – are now closer than ever before. Seamless and elegant integration with leading cloud services offers Ning Creators and members new features to extend the power of their Ning communities. With the click of a button, Ning Creators can enable Seesmic, Constant Contact, Aviary, CafePress, heyZap and Skimlinks on Ning Networks, providing new ways to monetize and connect.
  • Custom App Development: With the Ning API, Network Creators can build their own applications with help from fellow developers, making deep integration easier and more opportunity for creativity to run wild.
Constant Contact and Ning share a common passion and commitment to making social media simple and accessible for our customers,” said Steve Johnson, vice president of partners, Constant Contact. “The combination of our complementary technology platforms helps small business customers extend the reach and impact of their Ning communities through the power of email marketing.”
"We are very excited to team up with Ning. By combining the largest mobile app platform with the largest custom social platform in the world, we believe we are making it easier than ever for our customers to have a cohesive digital presence." said Michael Schneider, CEO, Mobile Roadie.

Integration Partners

  • Mobile Roadie - A turn-key platform to quickly and inexpensively build and manage mobile apps. Mobile Roadie worked with Ning to develop:
    • Linkin Park iPhone app
    • Friends or Enemies iPhone app
  • Double Dutch – Helps companies and brands build mobile, social, geolocation apps for their communities. Double Dutch worked with Ning to develop:
    • Interscope – Soulja Boy location-based iPhone app
  • AppMakr - A browser-based platform designed to make creating your own iPhone app quick and easy. AppMakr uses existing content and social networking feeds,to create native iPhone applications. AppMakr worked with Ning to develop:
    • GovLoop app
    • SheWrites app
  • Seesmic – The Seesmic Desktop, an application that allows you to follow activity across multiple social networking services and post status updates from one easy-to-use location, now supports full integration from Ning Networks.
  • Constant Contact – This powerful email marketing software makes it easy to create professional HTML email campaigns with no technical skills. Constant Contact worked with Ning communities to enable:
    • Easy upload of member contact information into the service
    • Development and delivery of compelling email newsletters, simple sharing of those newsletters via social channels, and measureable results
  • Aviary – This suite of content creation and development tools, ranging from graphic design to audio and effects editing, provide Ning Networks with high-quality services for artists of all genres.
  • heyZap – Social and casual games have brought websites increased traffic, user retention and engagement, and additional income streams. Ning and heyZap have teamed up to provide deeper integration of social gaming into the Ning platform, so that Ning Creators can monetize via in-game microtransactions.
  • CafePress – As the world’s biggest destination for self-expression through merchandise with more than 11 million shoppers visiting shops each month, CafePress provides an easy way for Network Creators to create and sell merchandise and monetize their Ning Networks.
  • Skimlinks – This service simplifies affiliate marketing for web publishers, enabling content to be monetized through commissions from more than 12,000 merchants. By integrating into Ning, Skimlinks lets Network Creators convert normal links into affiliate links, turning product references within content into relevant, geo-targeted shopping links.
Ning Everywhere provides the tools and resources to enable brands of all shapes and sizes to create integrated and customized social experiences wherever their audiences go. To learn more, please visit

About Ning
Ning is the leading online platform for the world’s organizers, activists and influencers to create social experiences that inspire action. For brands of all shapes and sizes, Ning makes it easy to build custom and powerful social websites. Ning Networks span categories like politics, entertainment, small business, non-profits, education and more, connecting millions of people every day around the topics they are passionate about. Palo Alto, Calif.-based Ning was co-founded in October 2004 by Chairman Marc Andreessen and is privately held. For more information, visit

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Android,apps and blogging on the go

Just uploaded the new app to blog from my android phone. How cool is that! Not sure what is all the rave?

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Get Started in Mobile Media Marketing

If you're wondering how to get going on mobile media, here's a 12-step program to help you get going. (Yes, we see the irony in a 12-step program for mobile media.)

  • Step #1: Mobilize your website. Set up a mobile website so that it's simpler and easier to navigate than your regular website.
  • Step #2: Study your competitors. Are they using Foursquare or Gowalla to drive traffic to their locations? Steal their ideas. Really. Steal 'em.
  • Step #3: Start using mobile media yourself. Download LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to your smart phone. Then take the next step and try Foursquare or Gowalla.
  • Step #4: Read everything you can about mobile media. (Hint: A good place to start is with the Mobile Media Glossary right here on the 60 Second Marketer.)
  • Step #5: Claim your business on location-based applications. If you own a restaurant, claim it on Foursquare before anyone else does.
  • Step #6: Run a mobile ad campaign. Now you're getting into the more advanced stuff. Apple has iAd and Google has AdWords to help you do this. Or you can contact one of the multitude of mobile advertising firms out there.
  • Step #7: Create a QR or 2D Code promotion. To take a quick dive into QR codes, read "How to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business" on the 60 Second Marketer blog.
  • Step #8: Design an iPhone or smart phone app. Now you're really getting advanced. iPhone and smart phone apps take time and money to create, but they can be worth it.
  • Step #9: Encourage interactivity. No matter what kind of mobile campaign you do, be sure that it gives the customer a reason to come back and do it again.
  • Step #10: Integrate the program into your overall marketing program. Your mobile program shouldn't stand alone in a silo. Integrate it!
  • Step #11: Track your results. The cool thing about mobile is that it's digital. And digital is trackable.
  • Step #12: Test, test, test. The folks at BKV Digital and Direct Response are always talking about doing A/B split tests. That's the only way to continuously improve your results.
So there you have it. Our very own 12-step program!

Article via Jamie Turner
Chief Content Officer
The 60 Second Marketer
BKV's Online Magazine for Marketers

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