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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Motivation to YOUR Mobile by Derrick Hayes

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To Your Mobile

Get Motivation To Your Mobile Every Weekday Morning!

Wouldn't it be great to start your day by encouraging others with a positive word?

Motivation To Your Mobile is a service created to inspire you every morning Monday through Friday with an original uplifting message. One thought can inspire the genius in you to do things that before you thought were never possible.

       Click Here to Sign up for Motivation To Your Mobile. 

1.) Activate your cell phone.
2.) Select Monthly or Yearly Subscription
2.) Enter payment information. 

Once your cell phone number is activated, and you have entered your payment information you will begin receiving Motivation To Your Mobile the next business day.  You can save up to $12 a year by selecting the Yearly subscription service.

As a yearly subscriber you can also receive a listing with your name and a link to your business or organization. This is a great way to promote what you do in a positive way throughout the year.

When you receive the text in the morning it will read MTYM for Motivation To Your Mobile followed by the message of the day.
If you represent a media outlet through a newsletter, blog, ezine, radio show, TV show, or newspaper and would like to get the word out to your audience by promoting Motivation To Your Mobile please contact us to become a Publicity Partner. Each Publicity Partner will have a listing with description of what you do with a link to your website.

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote.  
Pressure makes things Happen. It busts pipes or makes diamonds

“Keep up the great work sir: Love all the great stuff on your website and the continual evolution of your efforts! You're really building out some greatness in yourself and others!”

Shannon S. Scott
Savannah, Ga

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Opportunity is calling you to come as you are.
"Derrick Hayes is disciplined. Our initial meeting began with a "Derricknym." His devotion towards "WOE" weekly is now DAILY and my day is not done until I hear a 'word of encouragement.”

 ~L.J. Holloway (Author, Health CARE Advocate, & motivational Speaker)
Washington, D.C/ Jacksonville, FL

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
When you walk in courage others are encouraged to walk with you.

"Your quotes are very inspiring and the early morning ones are the bomb. I look forward 2 them in the A.M. Thanks for all the daily inspirations. I look forward 2 them .The messages are so real until I feel like I know u personally. That just goes to show that GOD is everywhere just not in everything. Stay encouraged!"

Traleasa Turner
Houston, TX

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Talk is cheap. Action takes your words and puts money in the bank.

“Your quotes are amazing, and filled with much wisdom- "Never let GO of your GIFT!!"

Frieda Wooley
Columbus, GA

The 10 Things Motivation To Your Mobile
will inspire you to do:

1. Inspire you to think
2. Inspire you to dream
3. Inspire you to share with others
4. Inspire you to look forward to greatness
5. Inspire you to want more out of life
6. Inspire you to challenge yourself
7. Inspire you to lead
8. Inspire you to have confidence
9. Inspire you to think positive instead of negative
10. Inspire you to never forget that you can

“Your daily inspirations are so wonderful and I truly appreciate you taking the time to encourage all of us, God Bless and take care”

Alexis Gwin
Champaign, IL

"In our fast paced entrepreneurial world we all need an energy boost from time to time.  Derrick Hayes provides daily quotes to help millionaires like me stay on top of their game."

Mike Michalowicz
Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
To Your Mobile

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Having contacts are quantity, having contracts are quality.

“We all need encouragement. The Black Belt Mindset Master of Encouragement is my friend Derrick Hayes. Reading Derrick's inspirational words is an investment that returns huge dividends for me every day!”

Jim Bouchard
Speaker, media personality and author of Think Like a Black Belt

Brunswick, ME

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
GO. Get Optimistic that you will GO. Get Opportunities.

“Derrick Hayes is never stops caring with his positive and enriching wordplay messages. His words encourage and inspire, uplift and edify every person who reads them. He is a treasure, and he treasures others with his talent."

Elaine Clayton, Author and Illustrator

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Plan your life or have it planned for you.  

“I look forward to reading Derrick's quotes. His insightful use of every day words as an acronym for positive messages are an inspiration to me every day.”

Rich London, Author of A Handbook for Life
Charlotte, NC

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
Having contacts are quantity, having contracts are quality.

“Divine Inspiration and motivation meets me at the right time and the right place...I'm thankful and it is such a blessing to have privy to Derrick Hayes' Daily messages...”

Natalie Mesidor

Sample of Motivation To Your Mobile quote. 
When your MESS comes of AGE it becomes a MESSAGE

“Derrick's daily message has a way of providing necessary motivation and inspiration to everyday life challenges. I can't tell you how many occasions the messages have appeared to speak directly to my personal situation. This is indeed a divine gift that Derrick possesses. An ability to speak to the masses in a way that's timely, original and heart inspired makes Derrick the premier voice and life coach of our generation.”

Vincent Davis

"Derrick is an insightful and thoughtful individual and the quotes he shares are truly an extension of the platform in which he stands. They are impactful and profound and force the reader to take an introspective look at not only themselves but how they can leave a positive impression on others."

Audley Stephenson
Hard Court Lessons
Toronto, Canada

“Derrick Hayes is not only brilliant and creative in his masterful use of language, but his spirit also speaks volumes beyond the words. In our initial encounter, he created something for me out of a sheer passion for sharing his gift with no particular interest in business and since that time, I've become particularly more interested in his business......”

C.O.C.O. Brown,

To Your Mobile

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