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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pam Perry Power Walk: Part of the Focus Me Challenge with Marshawn Evans

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Realign.   Refresh.   Refocus.

Save the Date :: April 3-9, 2011

Registration Details Below

Your Invite from ME

It’s ME – Marshawn Evans, and it is that time again.  We’re approaching the second quarter of 2011.  We started this year with a commitment to get focused.  We must continue that commitment by learning and doing what it takes to STAY focused. 7 Fresh, New Challenges for 7 Focused Days
Focus is the THE most important skill that you need this year.  What you do now will determine what you are ready to deliver later.  I know that there are amazing things in store for you.  More joy, more purpose, more fulfillment, fruitful relationships, more productivity and more peace.  To receive more you must be properly positioned for more.  So, it’s time for an assignment (re)alignment!

You Must Register

- Participation is complimentary, but you MUST register – I ask that you invite at least 7 people to register with you.

Join ME Today

  • You will receive the new *FRESH* Focus ME steps for this quarter’s 7-Day Challenge after you register
  • You will learn this quarter’s FRESH theme (I can’t wait to share it with you!)…after you register
  • You get updates and announcements about the Focus ME Quarterly Refresher…yes, after you register
  • You will get all call-in details and logistics sent to you via email after you register.

Yes, I’m Ready for What Heaven Has For ME! Register ME Now

Yes, I'm Ready to GET Focused. Register ME Now & Subscribe ME for the FOCUS ME Refresher Updates!

This is Your Season.  It’s time to get & stay FOCUSED!

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