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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Guerrilla Marketing for Writers" using iphones

Pam Perry and Rick Frishman (co-author of Guerilla Marketing For Writers)

Connect and communicate with your fans and readers in
a new, personal way with your own iPhone/Android App.

Mobile Roadie's innovative platform is a simple and
inexpensive way for Morgan James authors to build and
manage their own app for less than $500. Why do you
need an iPhone app? To sell your books, promote your
tour, share resources with readers, and to engage your
fans on a personal level. Sound good?

Right now Mobile Roadie is giving authors a 10%
discount off their base setup fee. Please put
"morganjames" in the referrer field.

Hope you like it! The Morgan James iPhone app is now live!

Get started here: Review

There are writers who would be horrified at the tactics laid out in Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, perhaps because marketing oneself as one might a commodity is at odds with the artistic temperament. Alas, those writers are unlikely to find themselves at the helm of such publishing fleets as the Chicken Soup or, well, Guerrilla Marketing series. HarperCollins publishes 1,200 books a year, according to the authors of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers. Is there a snowball's chance in hell that their publicity department can adequately promote all of them? Of course not. Don't let someone else's publicity department drop the ball when it comes to your book. Guerrilla Marketing's 100 weapons for selling your work range from creating media kits and promotional calendars to appearing at book-group discussions and fundraisers. Each "weapon" is rated by its monetary cost to the author, and well over half are free. While the authors advise that this book will help in the promotion of "any kind of book, from poetry to textbooks," most of its tactics seem best suited to nonfiction. The authors' overarching philosophy? Think like an entrepreneur. "Don't think like a writer who has something to say; think like an author who has a lifetime of books, products, and services to sell." --Jane Steinberg


"Fortunately there is a Guerrilla Marketing book for the writer. Enlist now and requisition your weapons. Don't go into the publishing jungle unarmed." -- Dan Poynter, author of THE SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL

"This book teaches the marketing tools every writer needs to know today." -- John Gray, Author of MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS

"Writers create babies called books and then orphan them. Read this book and make your book a bestseller ... and that's the right idea!" -- Mark Victor Hansen

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